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New and Replacement Modern Windows in Dorking, Surrey

Ageing homes and businesses are likely to have inefficient windows that are responsible for high energy bills and drastic heat loss. With the installation of modern replacement windows from A Room With A View you will notice a significant difference. Since being established in 1988, we have taken great care in trying to maintain the character of our customers' properties, whilst using energy-efficient materials. From carrying out an initial consultation and finding products to suit your budget to taking out the old windows and fitting their replacements, our skilled installation team do it all.

An Expert Guide to Replacing Your Windows

Whether choosing replacement windows for your new home or making improvements to a commercial property, there are a number of aspects to consider to ensure the project runs smoothly. Below is a brief guide about the process of achieving the perfect new windows. For expert advice, a free, no-obligation quotation or a consultation, please give us a call.

All of our double and secondary glazing products comply with the latest industry legislations and meet current energy efficiency requirements stipulated in the building regulations. These regulations state that energy efficiency requirements must be met in one of the following different ways:

  1. Windows must have a total ‘U’ value of 1.6 W/m2/K or less.
  2. Windows must have a minimum energy rating of ‘C’.
  3. Sealed units must have a ‘U’ value below 1.2W/m2/K

1. Establish What Matters

The first thing to consider when starting the process to replace your windows is the reasoning behind it. Are your frames damaged or can you hear too much of the outside noise? Once a reason has been established, you have a base to start from. For example, if you want better noise reduction, you will want to look at double glazing or secondary glazing replacement windows.

2. Pick a Suitable Style

Careful consideration should be taken over the style of replacement windows you want. There are various designs to choose from to complement different properties and a good place to start is by looking at the types of windows your neighbours have, or other similar properties in the surrounding area. If you have a listed property, you will also need to check with your local building authority if there are any restrictions.

3. Choose the Frame

Window frames come in a multitude of different materials, with hardwood, aluminium and PVCu being the main three. At A Room With A View, we recommend choosing frame materials based on their look and features. Quality hardwood is eye-catching and environmentally-friendly, whereas aluminium and PVCu replacement windows offer a more contemporary look and are easier to maintain.

4. Decide on Glazing

When choosing the right glazing for their windows, customers will need to make sure the glazing products comply with the latest industry legislations and meet current energy efficiency requirements. This includes ensuring windows have a total ‘U’ value of 1.6 W/m2/K or less. Replacement windows with double glazing or secondary glazing are ideal for increasing energy efficiency, insulation, UV protection and noise reduction.

5. Replace Your Windows

Settled on a chosen design? Call us to discuss the most appropriate and pleasing designs for your property. Our expert installation staff can then install the new replacement windows and enhance your property. Based in Dorking, we undertake window replacements throughout the Surrey region, including in Reigate. Our products always meet the highest standards and our fitters are experienced in installing all styles of windows at various types of property. Rest assured that we will make sure your new glazing products meet the latest building regulation policies.

Energy-Efficient Double Glazing

At A Room With A View, we supply double glazing with a low ‘U’ value and higher solar gain ‘G’ values that still meet the building regulations applied to ‘C’ rated windows. The low ‘U’ value of our products ensures lower heat loss, helping to reduce energy bills in your property. We also provide windows with WER ratings.

Energy ratings of windows refer strictly to their energy efficiencies and do not represent the quality of the product purchased. Customers can rest assured that we only supply and install market-leading products. Our high-quality windows, double glazing and secondary glazing cover the entire energy efficiency range (we can also provide an energy rating if required). For verification, we use whole-window calculation methods which are the most accurate.

As a company, we believe it’s better to provide energy efficient double glazing. Products with a low ‘U’ value produce low heat loss, helping reduce energy bills in property. Products with high 'G' value increase solar gain in property. It's better to provide lower 'U' values because they reduce heat loss during the winter months, and provide less solar gain during the summer.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

At A Room With A View, we have an excellent range of window styles available in hardwood, aluminium and PVCu. All the products we supply and install comply with the energy efficiency, fire safety, and ventilation requirements contained within the current building regulations. High-security locking features are also incorporated as a standard feature with our replacement windows. Our window range includes:

  • Casement-Style Windows
  • Tilt-and-Turn Windows
  • Vertical Sliding Windows
  • Slimline Replacement Windows for Listed Buildings
  • Slimline Replacement Windows for Steel Replacements

Contact us now, in Dorking, Surrey, for further information about our modern windows and glazing.

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